How To Turn Your Family Room Into An Entertainment Room

7 April 2016
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Have you been through model homes lately? If so, you might have been thoroughly impressed by the entertainment rooms that are in many of the homes. If you have decided to turn your family room into your own entertainment room, you'll surely be your family's hero. From the furniture you choose to the sound system you select, here are some ideas that might help you to create a fun retreat for your family and friends.  

The Furniture - How much money are you willing to spend? Are you ready to do a complete furniture makeover? If so, forget the traditional sofa and chairs you probably had in the past. This time, buy a wrap-around sofa or individual chairs that recline and that have a special attached tray where drinks and treats can be placed. Leather would be a great choice for your upholstery. Leather comes in many colors and it is very durable. Also, it's easy to clean when there are spills. Of course, you'll also need a place to place your entertainment center. A floor to ceiling shelf that takes up most of one of your walls would be perfect. Choose one that has separate compartments for DVDs, CDs, vinyl records and the cleaning products you'll be using on those. A separate space for things like board games, puzzles, and even folded lap blankets would be good, too.

Entertainment Equipment - When it comes to your television set, your kids will probably tell you that the bigger it is the better it is. Of course, your pocket book will be one of the determining factors of the set you'll buy. Do you still have your collection of vinyl records? You'll be glad to know that turntables, what were called record players in the past, are now readily available. For that matter, vinyl records are available at book stores, music stores and at resale shops. The key to having good sound from the television set and from your turntable music will be in the speakers and amplifiers you select (from an outlet such as American Sound of Canada speakers). Fortunately, there are excellent systems sold separately or a set and they come in all different price ranges. Even those that are not fabulously expensive give an excellent sound. Another good idea is to buy head phones that can be used by individuals. Those are especially helpful for friends and family members who have hearing problems.

Check out resale shops, boutiques, antique shops and yard sales for posters and pictures of classic movie and television stars and for any other one-of-a-kind decor for your new entertainment room.