Why Plumbing And HVAC Contractors Should Use Thermal Cameras

18 May 2017
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Are you a contractor who has always done things through traditional means? If so, you may have overlooked new technological advances. You may be thinking that you are the best in your industry and locale, but you may be hurting your business if you are not keeping up with modern trends. Even the best contractors could improve their productivity by investing in technology that can make their jobs easier and more accurate. Thermal imaging is one technology that some contractors have not begun using. By choosing to try it, you might be able to keep your competitive edge and provide comprehensive solutions for your customers. The following are a few points that are worth understanding about thermal imaging. 


You likely charge your customers for labor and want to be as cost-efficient as possible. This means that you can offer your customers savings if you can complete jobs faster. You can also handle more clients and boost your overall income if you are able to complete more jobs. Thermal imaging is helpful because it can aid in pinpointing problematic areas. IT might take you longer to find problems such as water leaks or areas where your customers have insufficient insulation. These areas could be easily found with thermal imaging, and it might also be easier for you to determine how to rectify them based on the imaging. 

Energy Savings

If you want to attract new customers, many people today are interested in energy efficiency. Offering thermal imaging services would allow you to let them know that you can save them money on their energy expenses by implementing thermal imaging to discover areas of energy loss. You could then make repairs or replacements as needed. These amendments could save them money on water, gas, and electrical expenses. 


One of the biggest chances you are taking if you do not consider thermal imaging is that you could miss an issue that your customers have. For example, you might miss an area that is responsible for air loss. This means that your customers might still have issues after your repairs. Another potential issue is a missed water leak. These issues could leave your customers wondering if you actually made any repairs. Using a thermal camera to capture thermal images will ensure that you did the job right and offer proof to clients. 

An electronics provider, like Infrared Cameras Inc., is a good resource to use to find the best thermal camera for your industry. They can also discuss the pros and cons of various models. If you are unsure how to use the technology, many stores have representatives who can provide onsite demos to help you.