Top Features To Look For In LED Wall Pack Lighting For Your Commercial Building

26 September 2017
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Keeping the exterior of your commercial building well lit does several things for your property, including offering a professional appearance and keeping the property secure. Therefore, choosing the best lighting for the outside of the building is just as important as choosing the right lighting for the inside. LED wall pack lights are an excellent choice because they use very little energy to provide a nice distribution of illumination. The only problem is, finding quality LED wall packs for exterior use can be a challenge because there are so many. Here are a few key features to be looking for when you are investing in LED wall pack lighting for your commercial property:

Proper Color Temperature 

LED lighting is often assumed to be one color, which is bright white, but in actuality, there are many different shades of LED lighting. Therefore, when you are buying a new wall pack with LED lights, you will notice it will have some color temperature attribute listed on the product information. Some of the color temperatures you may find include:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue 

Even though it may seem like it really doesn't matter which color temperature the light exudes, it is important because you want to achieve the most desirable light distribution possible. In bright areas with lots of sunshine, for example, yellow lighting tends to blend in with the atmosphere, but a cool white color temperature would exude some illumination. 

Replaceable LED Pack 

The light fixture itself and the LED pack that acts as a set of multiple bulbs should not be made into one basic structure that does not separate. If it does, you will be forced to replace the fixture itself every time the LED bulbs inside go bad. Make sure you go for a fixture that has a LED pack that pulls out and can be replaced with a new set as needed. 

Certified for Wet Environments

No matter how dry the area where you live may be, there is no doubt that the exterior lighting will eventually come in contact with moisture, whether it is in the form of rain, fog, or humidity. Not all LED wall pack lights are designed for outdoor use and cannot handle moisture exposure safely. Therefore, when you shop for these lights, make sure you are looking for the UL Wet certification in the description that clearly says it can be used in outdoor settings safely and water exposure will not be an issue.

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