Reasons To Use An Isolator Circulator

30 September 2019
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For many electronic applications, an isolator or circulator can really come in handy. Sometimes, you might need both components to increase efficiency and safely complete certain tasks. However, you may also be able to use your circulator as an isolator, which eliminates the need to buy two components and can save you money.  The right option for you will depend on the setup of your project and various other factors.

However, no matter how you choose to use an isolator or circulator, or both, know that there are many benefits of adding these components to your application.

Protect the Input Side

To begin with, one benefit of an isolator or circulator is that it can help to protect the sensitive equipment on the input side of your machinery. Often, the output side of the device can cause detuning, warping, and other issues to the input side, especially if errors occur during operation or if loads are not properly set up. The isolator protects the output side from being affected by these types of issues, protecting your equipment and your daily operations.

Protect Against Signal Reflection

Just as your input side can be affected by things that happen on the output side, your entire setup can also be affected by signal reflection. Signal reflection is especially common when you use a device under test (DUT) for the first time. Since you don't know how the DUT will react, there is a good chance of it affecting the signal source in a negative way. A properly setup isolator or circulator acting as an isolator can provide necessary separation between the two components, thereby protecting your system.

Benefit from a Lower Bias Field

When you choose to use a circulator as an isolator, you will be able to have a lower bias field than you would with other types of isolators, such as resonance absorption isolators. This fact benefits you because you won't need to use a heavy-duty magnet in your operations. Thus, you'll enjoy easier setup and less expense when you choose to go this route.

You'll also find that cooling the device after use is much easier because the power gets absorbed by the external load with this setup.

In all of these ways, adding the proper isolator or circulator to your operation can be a huge help. You should do thorough research to choose the exact right components, but if you can do that, you will enjoy numerous benefits from the addition of these parts.

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