Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Lunch In Your Circuit Board Work Area

2 April 2016
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If you work with circuit boards, you probably know that they are sensitive to all sorts of damage. However, on a busy work day, you might not think much of having your lunch in your work area so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Not only is it better to step away for a little bit for lunch so that you can give yourself a bit of a break, however, it can also help prevent damage to your circuit boards. These are the main reasons why.

Food Packaging Can Cause Static Electricity

One thing that you have to consider is that your food packaging can actually create static electricity, which can damage nearby circuit boards. For example, takeout trays and cups that are made out of Styrofoam can do so. If you bring your food into your work area in a plastic bag, such as the plastic grocery-style bags that some takeout restaurants pack their trays in for customer pick-up, it can also create static electricity. Keeping all of your food packaging out of the work area can help prevent these types of problems.

Moisture Can Destroy Circuit Boards

You probably already know that getting circuit boards wet while you are working on them is a no-no, but you might not even think about the moisture that your lunch can create. The condensation that can form on a fast food or takeout cup can drip onto your circuit boards or the surrounding work area without you really noticing, and you're more at risk of spilling something when you're holding your cup in your hands in your work area rather than enjoying it in the break room. Even fast food trays can create condensation due to the steam that is held inside the tray.

Grease Could Be An Issue

Grease and oil from your lunch can get onto your fingers or your work area, even if only in small traces, and can damage your circuit boards. Wearing gloves when handling your circuit boards can help mitigate this risk—and can help with natural oils from your fingers—but keeping your food out of the work area is the best way to prevent oils and greases from contaminating work surfaces and potentially coming in contact with your circuit boards.

As you can see, it's not a good idea to eat your lunch in your work area when you work with something as sensitive as circuit boards. Instead, consider giving yourself a bit of a break and heading to a break room or other area instead. 

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