Stay Illuminated With Vibrant Technology - Options In T12 Bicolor Tubes

24 April 2017
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The explosion of light emitting diode (LED) technology over the past decade has truly created an illumination revolution. Rather than being stuck in the past with dull neon signs and dim halogen lightbulbs, LEDs can provide vibrant light with minimal energy consumption, providing the consumer with electronics that truly function up to their established standards.

When it comes time to replace an LED bulb or choose a new setup, however, the options can be daunting. While T12 bicolor tubes remain among the most popular LEDs on the market, the technical information around them may be intimidating. Below, you'll find a guide to some of your options in T12 bicolor tubs, allowing you to shed some light on a difficult issue.

Direct Wire Tubes

Though direct wire tubes are among the oldest LEDs on the market, they remain some of the most popular. Since they bypass having extensive and confusing circuitry installed around them, direct wire tubes can easily be swapped out when they go bad, making them an appealing choice for many consumers.

The lack of associated circuitry, however, does not come without its own challenges. Indeed, direct wire tubes may be at higher risk for voltage overloading and other electrical problems, as they're forced to absorb potential surges without an electrical support system to dissipate them.

Hybrid Tubes

If you're comfortable working with electronic ballast but still want your LEDs to have longevity, hybrid tubes may be the right solution. By using ballast for as long as its viability holds out, hybrid tubes are able to avoid some of the electric concerns which plague direct wire tubes.

The advantage to a hybrid tube is that, over time, it can function in basically the same way as a direct wire tube by bypassing the ballast once it goes bad. This allows a hybrid T12 tube to remain in place for extended periods of time without stressing over the difficulty of replacement.

Universal Tubes

When cost is not a primary concern, the most modern and best available LED tube technology available is universal tubes. Since they're able to operate in any ballast environment, you can be sure that your tube will be protected from electrical surges. They're also designed to be extremely easy to swap in and out, so in the event of a failure, you can be confident that you'll quickly be able to return your LED to its brightest and most impressive condition.

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